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MALSCE Surveyor, MALSCE's quarterly newsletter


Published on a quarterly basis, the Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers’ member newsletter, MALSCE Surveyor, is produced as a PDF and distributed via an emailed link to MALSCE members.


Each issue features a variety of topical articles and the latest news about MALSCE as well as the land surveying and civil engineering professions. A typical issue of the newsletter also contains display and classified advertisements from individuals and organizations who realize that advertising in MALSCE Surveyor is an efficient and inexpensive way to reach more than 500 land surveyors, engineers and other professionals in Massachusetts and beyond.


If you are interested in placing an advertisement in an upcoming newsletter issue, we offer the following options for increasing your organization’s visibility and/or attracting new employees.


Display Advertisements:
Promote your organization and your products and services by purchasing display ad space in our newsletter. Display ads are offered in a variety of sizes, cost between $1000 and $400 per issue, and are placed throughout the body of the newsletter. These full-color or black & white ads are a great value and can enhance the visibility of your firm. Display ads are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Email a display ad as an attachment to Diana Gadsby: dgadsby@engineers.org


Classified Advertisements:
Classified ads are advertisements describing the requirements and responsibilities for one or more positions. Classified ads are produced as text only advertisements with no graphic elements.  MALSCE Members can place an up to 200 word classified ad for free. The cost for a Non MALSCE Members to place an up to 200 word classified advertisement is $110.


MALSCE's 2010-2011 Rate Card, including instructions on ad placement and payment:   www.malsce.org/malsce/file/RateCard2011-2012.pdf

Email all advertising files to Diana Gadsby:   dgadsby@engineers.org


Articles for publication:
Email articles to Richard Keenan:  rkeenan@engineers.org




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