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Benjamin Franklin Institute Seeks Adjunct Instructor for Construction Surveying Course - Starts 1/17

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Benjamin Franklin Institute Seeks Adjunct Instructor

For Construction Surveying Course

Course Session: January 17 -  May 15, 2017


Course Description:
CM250   Construction surveying,  4 credit courses
The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the fundamental understanding of land surveying, including both the theory of surveying as well as the hands-on use of modern surveying instruments.  Specifically, the theory portion of the course includes surveying computations of: grade, direction, traverse adjustment, area, volume, and horizontal & vertical curve geometry.  
The instrumentation portion of the course includes making field measurements  of elevation, distance and angle using the appropriate land surveying equipment including: the tape, engineer’s level, transit, theodolite, EDMI, and  total station.  An introduction to construction layout is also included.    
Upon successful course completion, students will understand the use of measuring systems and the proper  mathematical calculations to produce accurate and correct true distances and the use of a level and the mathematical calculations to determine elevation differences.  Understand the use of a transit to determine vertical and horizontal angles to locate reference points as applied to construction staking and surveying.  Students will have an improved understanding of the rule on Construction Surveying and layout in the operation of the construction industry.  (Offered  in the spring) 
Instructor Rate:  $50/hour each hour of the course   for 60 hours  (2 days a week)


For more information, contact: 

Thomas J. DeCosta

Coordinator of Construction Management

Electrical Technology Instructor

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

41 Berkeley St

Boston MA 02116





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